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Most interesting Bitcoin words / phrases / memes - little help?

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I'm pulling together a list of the most interesting words/phrases/memes to have sprung forth from the bitcoin community... please add those I have surely missed (esp with original sources)...
Credit: Cypherdoc
Meaning: To be wiped out, have a position liquidated, lose everything.
Example: "shit, I went all in long at 5:1 leverage, then bad news came out of China and the spot dropped 200 points, wipeout, I've been completely fucking zhou tonged, my wife's gonna kill me"
"The new wealthy elite"
Credit: Atlas
Meaning: Literal. Tongue in cheek reference to the gains some early bitcoin holders may experience.
Example: (2:22)
"Two more weeks"
Credit: Inaba / Josh (Butterfly Labs)
Meaning: Now infamous phrase meaning anything but two weeks, read "We hope to ship in maybe two weeks" as "You may receive something vaguely related to your order in a year, or so". Born during the Butterfly Labs mining hardware shipping-delay-debacle.
"Bitcoin user not affected"
Credit: Zerohedge user community
Meaning: The worlds financial systems may be falling apart, but all is good in the world of bitcoin, where normal problems don't apply.
Examples: Click link above)
Genesis: ??
Credit: ??
Meaning: To experience a massive personal financial catastrophy, attributable in some form to mismanagement at Mt Gox.
Example: Yesterday I had enough bitcoins to buy a car, then Gox was hit by a DDOS and went offline, my sell order was queued up but the trading engine was lagging 45 minutes behind, eventually my order was filled at the bottom of a 50% crash, now I can barely afford a bike - totally Goxxed"
Credit: GameKyuubi
Meaning: Hold / Holding / Selling
Example: "HODL!"
"To the moon!"
Genesis: ??
Meaning: Up, hopefully an exorbitant amount.
Credit: ??
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