Bitcoin wird 400.000 Dollar erreichen - Max Keiser erhöht ...

RT - Bitcoin price crashes by over $1,300 in less than 48 hours - Infowars

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John McAfee calm on bitcoin crash: 'Relax everyone, cryptocurrency can't be stopped'

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To everyone who didn't drop out in fear, way to go!

I woke up this morning grumpy; I didn't get enough sleep at all. When I saw where my btc had gone, that changed in a heartbeat! Can you believe that the exchange rate went past $260 today? only to start falling as fear mongering took root. Yesterday, I read multiple articles, including this link; then this morning, this link. Now, given that infowars is notorious for hyping things a bit out of proportion, I was still a bit surprised to see the price crash so much in a matter of minutes just earlier. bitcoinity was going down and behind, and I saw the exchange rate go down to $110. Whether it has been numerous greedy/fearful individuals, or malicious organizations afraid of losing the economic stranglehold on our economy, to everyone who braved today, and every other scare up until now, I salute you!
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Bitcoin and Future Black Markets.

With the unfortunate downfall of the Silk Road and the subsequent seizure of over 27,000 Bitcoins, ( the Government now owns a substantial percentage of said currency. This is a far bigger problem than you may think.
Remember the Bitcoin crash in early April of this year in which it's price fell to almost one third its value? Well that was caused by the free release of just over 52 Bitcoins and was a test by a Government agency to predict the buoyancy of Bitcoin. Bitcoin failed. The government now owns over 27,000 worth of coins and renders Bitcoins value almost useless as a future crypt-currency. Prices could be flattened to baseline figures within hours should the Government choose to release even a small quantity of what they now own. (
To the future entrepreneurs out there in the hope of continuing Silk Road's legacy and opening future black market sites, perhaps a shift from Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency is needed. Litecoins, Namecoins or countless others offer a new start and alleviate the risk of future Government interference.
Stay safe, cash out, and lets rebuild on Silk Road's blueprint.
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Why is This $400K Bitcoin Mega-Bull Running Scared of Peter Schiff BITCOIN BLAST OFF, BITCOIN BIBLE CHURCH, INFOWARS, WAR ON FREE SPEECH,... Episode 6: Bitcoin fixes this Brave The World Talks Bitcoin on InfoWars - YouTube John McAfee on Infowars - What/Who Can Stop The Blockchain Revolution?

Infowars Nightly News Will Bloomberg Crash The Third Party? 01/25/2016. Eschultann 8422. 8:56. Bitcoin crash publicly predicted one day earlie. Gold Price Prediction. 0:36. Trump Says He Predicted 2008 Crash. Wochit Business. 3:27. Market Crash Predicted by 2013 FINANCE & ECONOMICS series) Silver Price Predictions . 0:50. Simpsons Cartoon Predicted the Brazilian Football Team Plane Crash. News ... Paul Joseph Watson March 7, 2014 Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged Bitcoin founder who was outed yesterday by Newsweek, did classified work for the U.S. military and major corporations, a fact that will sit uncomfortably with many Bitcoin proponents should it be confirmed that Nakamoto is indeed the father of the cryptocurrency. In einem Interview für das Programm „Infowars“ sagte Gastgeber Max Keiser, dass Bitcoin 400.000 Dollar erreichen wird. Keiser gehört zu den ältesten Befürwortern von Bitcoin und teilte seine neue Prognose in einem Interview mit Alex Jones. Die Sendung wurde vom Infowars-Hauptquartier in Austin, Texas, gesendet. Today, bitcoin looks and feels a lot like the dot-com bubble of 2000… except everything’s moving more quickly these days. Both the rise and the crash of a crypto-currency can happen much faster than the same events in the stock market. The bitcoin crash will be a massive global wealth transfer from people who can’t understand the dynamics of decentralized crypto-currencies to those who do understand. If you don’t follow what I’m saying here, then don’t buy bitcoins. You will only be led to the mathematical slaughter. The Emergency Election Sale is now live! Get 30% to 60% off our most popular products today! Watch ...

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Why is This $400K Bitcoin Mega-Bull Running Scared of Peter Schiff

My first Infowars interview with Alex Jones from 2014 where I discuss all things Bitcoin. *I'm re-uploading this because their channel got purged. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Watch John McAfee talk about the momentum behind Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution. Discover if it can be stopped, and why McAFee stands by his prediction for 1 million USD Bitcoins by ... Vandaag in De Bitcoin Show alles over Aaron's bezoek aan scaling bitcoin 2019. We praten over BAKKT, (klimaat) politiek en Segwit adoptie die voor het eerst ooit over de 50% heen gaat. Telegram ... Since it was during a Keiser appearance on InfoWars that Jones outed himself as a Bitcoin believer, we must presume that the RT presenter doesn’t have a problem with the host or the format of ...